Rarest Evel Knievel Toys

Want to know what the rarest and most collectable Evel Knievel toys are? Check out our top list of hard to find daredevil stunt toys!


1. Evel Knievel Sidewinder Supercycle



The Evel Knievel Sidewinder was originally released in 1977 for distribution in Germany and the UK only.

The limited model featured a motorcycle sidecar which was detachable from Super Cycle just a like it's real life clone. Only one thousand Sidewinder sets were ever and this makes it extremely rare and nearly impossible to find a set in mint/boxed condition, prices have been seen to range from $1500-$5000 US. 

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2.Evel Knievel Silver High Jumper Cycle

In 1977 the Ideal toy company released the Silver High Jumper Cycle. A production run of only 1700 were shipped initially in the United States and then worldwide. The main features of the Super Cycle was the amount of chrome that covered the bike, including the seat. This rare Knievel toy was not as well accepted by kids at the time, partially due to the drop off of popularity in the late seventies. Although it was not the biggest selling toy in the catalog it has made the Silver High Jumper Cycle quite the collectable item amongst toy collectors.

The only standout feature of this stunt set was a red high jump ramp. A complete boxed sets have been sold between $1000 and $3400.


3.Evel Knievel Fast Tracker Wheelie Car

Another toy the was introduced in 1977 was the  Fast Tracker. It was made in limited numbers and too never achieved the sucess of the EK Stunt cycles as it featured a car and not a motorcyle. None the less, the wheelie car found a home on top of collectors shelves and continues to be a rare gem in the Evel Knievel collection. Mint boxed sets sell for around $500.


4. Road andTrail Adventure Set

The road and trail adventure set was shipped in 1975 an initially issued as an exclusive for the Child World chain. The set was to compete with the growing popularity of the Adventure People figures that were produced by Fisher Price. The Adventure People also had a series of toys with names like the Daredevil Sports Van, Dare-Devil Sport Plane and Motorcycle Race team. The competing set ideas were arguably inspired  from  ideal's EK sets. The Knievel Road and Trail Adventure Set contained a very rare Trail-bike and a one of a kind figure that was never replicated in the line. It also contained a vintage style pick up truck. Prices range between $1000 mint/complete and $200 without the box. Very Rare!

5. Evel Knievel Stratocycle

In 1977 Warner Brothers release the action film, "Viva Knievel" starring Evel Knievel (as himself), Gene Kelly, and Lauren Hutton. The original film footage used was from Knievel's legendery crash at Wembley Stadium in May of 1975. Naturally Ideal produced a toy to commemorate the film. The action set was release with a Strator Cycle just like the one he rode in the movie. Both the toy and the movie were a flop at the time but are now cult classics. Good condition boxed sets complete range from $400-$800.


6. First Issue Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle


The original Ideal Toy was first stocked on the shelves of toy stores in 1973 with their first edition Evel Knievel, "King of the Stuntmen", Stunt Cycle. Many different variations of the set was released between 1973 and 1977. The first small production run is considered the "holy grail" of Stunt Cycles. Check out our complete Stunt Cycle Guide to learn about how to determine the various models.